Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Technique: Positive Thinking

Forgive me for not remembering, but someone mentioned their doctor recommended they should imagine themselves being pregnant for 5 minutes each day. I've since added that into our nightly routine.

Every night after we get ourselves ready for bed, we spend some quality cuddle time with Nina and Billy. They sometimes are cuddling with each other in the same bed, but as of lately, Nina snuggles into a little (or big) ball on a chair and Billy curls himself into his 90 lb ball on one of their beds.

While cuddling and loving the dogs we now talk about what we look forward to if/when we find out I'm pregnant.

Night 1

Me: The first time Mike is able to feel the baby kick

Mike: Rubbing my belly knowing there is a baby in there

Night 2 (we must have been really tired because these are both pretty weak)

Me: Not having to each sandwiches every day for lunch - I'm so sick of lunch meat

Mike: Changing my ring tone to Rock-a-Bye Baby

I will try to keep the list running, hopefully, one of these days we will be able to experience it.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Excuse me, I'd like off this roller coaster now

I've been a terrible blogger. Part of that is from the holiday rush and busy work schedule, but I also think its because I just haven't felt like myself lately. I'm very emotional and am having a hard time finding balance before things change again.

What was supposed to be a one-cycle break between IVF cycles turned into two cycles. Just when I accepted that I went in for my annual pap and it came back abnormal. I went in for my colposcopy/biopsy on 12/23.

Dr. D. said he would continue with our plan providing the results come back okay and not needing further treatment (LEEP procedure). I'm pretty much on pins and needles until Wednesday.

I did start birth control pills on 12/25 (Merry Christmas) for 10 days leading up the Lupron. I'm hoping and praying that the biopsy comes back normal so we can proceed. I go in on Thursday for a mock transfer and for Mike to freeze some sperm. Sounds like a fun New Years Eve, doesn't it?