Monday, February 28, 2011

Mexican Superstitions

Typically I'm a regular at the dry cleaners with all my work clothes and the fact that I don't iron, however lately, I haven't been going as much. I did have a silk ruffle tank that needed to be cleaned so I headed to the dry cleaners last Saturday morning.

Since I'm a regular (rather, was), I'm on a first name basis with the owner, a lovely Mexican lady named Marie. Occasionally she has her 2 year old daughter, Carla, there with her. When I went in Marie and Carla were both happy to see me. Marie rubbed my belly and Carla gave me a big hug. Yes, I guess I have a special, or rather strange relationship with my dry cleaners.

Marie proceeds to tell Carla to rub my belly because there are babies in there. Carla bashfully snuggles her head into her mom's legs and backs away. Marie tried again and Carla wouldn't touch my belly.

Okay, I'm thinking, I guess most children would probably do the same. I asked Marie if Carla normally touches pregnancy bellies and she said only sometimes. She said its a Mexican superstition that if a child won't touch a pregnant woman's belly its because the baby in the belly is the opposite sex of the child.

Therefore, based on Mexican superstitions and the 2 year old daughter of my dry cleaner owner, I guess I'm having boys.

The more technical determination will happen Wednesday at my anatomy scan, but I couldn't help but share this bizarre little story.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

18 Weeks

I went shopping with my mother this past weekend for maternity clothes. I started to become terrified that was I going to wake up one morning and none of my clothes would fit. It's so funny how putting on maternity clothes makes you look more pregnant. I couldn't believe how a new dress or a cute top would make my belly seem like the main focus. We picked up a quite a few things, some things to wear now, like leggings and work out shirts, and some for later like jeans and shirts. Overall, it was a fun experience and a good excuse for some mother - daughter bonding, lunch and shopping!

How far along: 18 weeks
Weight gain/loss: up 10 lbs total
Maternity clothes: leggings and work out shirts

Sleep: terrible :(

Best moment this week: maternity clothes shopping with my mom

Food cravings: vegetables, particularly carrots and asparagus

Gender: guessing boy/boy

What I miss: sleeping

What I'm looking forward to: anatomy scan next Wednesday!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

17 Weeks

I know its hard to tell in the picture, but I'm starting to finally get a little belly. I've become obsessed with rubbing it, particularly when I'm laying on my back in bed. Its when I can feel it the most because its so solid and protrudes slightly from my torso.

How far along: 17 weeks

Weight gain/loss: up 7 lbs

Maternity clothes: not yet

Sleep: I've been trying to sleep on my side as my back and stomach are no longer comfortable. I'm not used to sleeping on my side so its uncomfortable and I wake up a lot.

Best moment this week: two coworkers told me I'm starting to look pregnant

Food cravings: Arby's - is it wrong that it was my Valentine's dinner of choice?

Gender: still guessing boy/boy

What I miss: sleeping on my stomach

What I'm looking forward to: anatomy scan, which I still need to schedule

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

16 Weeks

I can't believe I'm already 16 weeks. 16 weeks is 4 months and 4 months sounds so much longer than 16 weeks. It is just so surreal that I have two growing and living beings inside of me. I just love it!

I've still been feeling great, loving working out and prenatal yoga. Overall, I'm just really happy and trying to enjoy every minute of this while I'm feeling fantastic.

I had a strange episode on Sunday morning. I woke up at 4:30 am and my head was spinning. Like being drunk in college and needing to brace yourself with one foot on the floor. I woke Michael up and he thought it was my blood sugar and suggested I eat some crackers. I fell back asleep and woke up a few hours later still feeling the same. I called my OB and he said it was likely a surge in estrogen. By 10 am I felt back to normal, but it sure was scary not knowing what was wrong.

How far along: 16 weeks

Weight gain/loss: up 5 lbs

Maternity clothes: not yet

Sleep: I've been having really strange dreams lately and very detailed

Best moment this week: The look on Michael's face this morning when I got out of the shower. I have the tiniest bit of belly and he just smiled and rubbed my belly. My heart melted.

Food cravings: carrots
Gender: guessing boy/boy

What I miss: nothing

What I'm looking forward to: finding out the sexes and actually calling these babies by name

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

15 Weeks

Yet another great week for me. I'm still feeling fantastic, other than the occassional round ligament pain. I went to the OB last week and at 14w2d, I was measuring 18 weeks. This is going to get interesting. He also showed me how to feel my uterus, which has been my new fascination. I think it is so amazing to feel it!
How far along: 15 weeks
Weight gain/loss: 4 lbs
Maternity clothes: not yet
Sleep: I think I just need to accept the fact that I won't be sleeping through the night anymore
Best moment this week: date night with Michael this past Saturday. We went to a great Irish pub and enjoyed the BEST Rueben sandwiches.
Food cravings: tomatoes, but not just any tomatoes, fresh, summer, garden-grown tomatoes. Hard to come by in January in Illinois.
Gender: thinking boy/boy
Movement: none
What I miss: nothing!
What I'm looking forward to: anatomy scan and finding out the sexes